Discover Iyeoka’s song – “Simply Falling”

She actually sounds NOTHING like Amy Winehouse, but the arrangement of the song and production has a touch of the Mark Ronsons about it. There are similarities to songs on Back to Black, but there’s also a Plan B song that is a million miles away. Advertisements

Discover Maria Gadù’s song – “Shimbalaiê”

The song talks about freedom and happiness, it’s a poem of a fisherman and the sea. It talks also about the sky and flowers, a simply beautiful song. Shimbalaiè is an african word that means:  Joy… Happiness is contagious 🙂

Give yourself a break!

Most of your problems can be solved by just looking at them in another perspective. There is no need to OVER-THINK and  to stress out about things you can’t control. The results of over- thinking is just accumulating more negative energies. Give yourself a break… for a moment. DO something else, GET busy doing something…

About Today’s Annular Solar Eclipse

On Sunday, May 20th, the Moon will pass in front of the sun, transforming sunbeams across the Pacific side of Earth into fat crescents and thin rings of light. It’s an annular solar eclipse, in which the Moon will cover as much as 94% of the sun. Hundreds of millions of people will be able…