Discover or re discover the Soul Lady: Erikah Badu : “Next Lifetime”

She grew up listening to ’70s soul and ’80s hip-hop, but Erykah Badu drew more comparisons to Billie Holiday upon her breakout in 1997, after the release of her first album, Baduizm. The grooves and production on the album are bass-heavy R&B, but Badu’s languorous, occasionally tortured vocals and delicate phrasing immediately removed her from…

Discover Iyeoka’s song – “Simply Falling”

She actually sounds NOTHING like Amy Winehouse, but the arrangement of the song and production has a touch of the Mark Ronsons about it. There are similarities to songs on Back to Black, but there’s also a Plan B song that is a million miles away.

Discover Maria Gadù’s song – “Shimbalaiê”

The song talks about freedom and happiness, it’s a poem of a fisherman and the sea. It talks also about the sky and flowers, a simply beautiful song. Shimbalaiè is an african word that means:  Joy… Happiness is contagious 🙂